Where to invest small amounts of money in Pakistan

Where to invest small amounts of money in Pakistan is a major concern for most Pakistanis. If you are looking for the right areas to invest in, we can guide you with the best areas. Keeping a track of your income and your investments in the right dimensions is very much important. All the billionaires and successful people in the world have a common trait that they invest their income in several businesses. These businesses help them with the side income source and build the assets. 

Saving 20% of your income each month can help you build multiple income sources. Following are some of the best areas where you can invest your income to get the best out of it.

Areas to invest small amounts of money in Pakistan

  • Real Estate or Property Business
  • Stocks
  • Investment in Gold
  • Prize Bonds
  • Investment in Skills
  • Investment Companies

Real Estate or Property Business

Considered to be one of the best investments in Pakistan, real estate is a highly growing rewarding investment. With more residential and commercial areas being built, real estate can help your investment grow within no time. To the best, real estate investment comes in many ways. REITs are one of the major sources where your investment can be part of the larger investment group. 

Properties are your passive income source. With small installments, you can buy any plot, any shop, and then you can rent it out. It gets you monthly income in the form of rent. Moreover, these days, investments with groups are a major investment plan. People tend to make groups and then invest their income collectively. It gives an investor the chance to invest without any thinking of the larger investment plans. 

In the future, if you need investments for some other business, you can sell any of your property and make fortunes with the other business venture. Therefore, properties have a strong asset value. Properties give you back with the best return ratio.

Investment in Gold

For most investors, investment in solid gold is a major source of savings. With the market growing continuously, gold has become a valuable asset over time. People buy solid gold and then wait for the right time to sell it. Usually, the property price increase in the global market and trends in oil prices or dollar rates. 

In the past few years, the gold prices in Pakistan have skyrocketed because of multiple reasons. Every day, the market has witnessed a rise and fall in the prices of gold. So, the market is influenced by several factors, which gives investors some time to analyze, hold the assets, and then sell them at the right time.


Investment in stocks can be the best investment prospect in Pakistan as investing in stocks brings huge profits. So, you can start learning about stock markets and investing in them; however, you have to be very careful and strategic about the choice of stocks as stocks are quite risky. You can escape these risks by creating an impactful portfolio. Moreover, again, your choices matter a lot in this regard. So, make wise choices!

Prize Bonds

Investments in prize bonds are substantially dependent on your luck. If you get a chance to hit the sheer good fortune, you may win cash prizes of thousands and sometimes even in millions of rupees. So, with a little amount of both effort and time, you can win great rewards. In case you are willing to invest in the prize bonds, you can check them regularly as The Government of Pakistan offers treasury bonds starting from merely rupees hundred.

Investment in Skills

Investing in skills is often the most neglected kind of investment. However, if you build an aptitude for investing in your skills, you can start making good earnings. For this, you just have to make use of your skills and polishing and practice them regularly. By doing so, your skills can bring fruitful rewards in no time. 

For instance, you can start teaching online for any subject that you are good at or you can start your art and craft business if your skill comprises creating art. You can also start working on freelance projects available on relevant sites. If you identify your skills and avail them, you can simultaneously do what you love and love what you do.

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