Top real estate Companies in Pakistan

Guide to the top real estate companies in Pakistan

In the past few years, the real estate industry has emerged as a lucrative financial opportunity for investors. Providing rapid financial growth and security for investments, the real estate business offers multiple ways to build a secure future. Several real estate firms provide the solution to investors for putting their investments in the right projects. 

However, due to market saturation and the presence of fake real estate agents, investors look for more reliable partners. To ease your search for a promising and reliable real estate partner, the following is a compilation of the top real estate companies in Pakistan:

List of Top real estate companies in Pakistan

  1. Hashi Group of Companies 
  2. Agency21 International

Hashi Group of Companies 

Established in 2019 under the leadership of Syed Hashim Raza, Hashi Group of Companies is a real estate conglomerate. With two state-of-the-art projects and 3 subsidiaries under its belt, Hashi GOC is remodeling the world of real estate business. The company aims at providing excellent quality property consultancy and advisory services along with some of the best investment opportunities.

Hash Real Estate and Builders is the primary firm under Hashi GOC that provides property sale, purchase, and rental advisory services. With transparency, trust, and growth as its primary focus, Hash Real Estate and Builders is changing the industry dynamics. 

Moreover, with its professional teams, growing corporate culture, and excellent work ethics, it is helping clients in putting their investments in the right direction. Most property firms focus on generating more profits out of their services, while Hash Real Estate and Builders focuses on client needs and is setting new trends.

SHR Marketing 360 is the second major firm under Hashi GOC. It is providing high-priority digital solutions to businesses. To design state-of-the-art designs for the buildings and projects, Hashi GOC has Mimaars in its portfolio. Mimaars is a top-notch architectural firm that has designed several projects to date. 

Hashi GOC has two projects under construction right now. The Hash Mall and Hash Residency are exclusive projects that project great investment opportunities. In quite a short time, Hashi GOC has established itself as a pioneer of a trusted and transparent real estate investment with the two best projects in twin cities. is the pioneer of the online real estate business in Pakistan. It has 18,000 registered agencies with over 30 million property listings. is a household name in the real estate industry when it comes to property buying and selling. Property investment is highly convenient because of Earlier investors had to look for property agents, which in some of the cases resulted in frauds.

However, due to, the investors now can go through the verified property listing and meet the property owners directly. With business spanning all across Pakistan, has remodeled the industry completely.

Agency21 International

Agency21 International was established in 2016 with the aim to remodel the real estate business. Today, after 5 years of its establishment, Agency21 International has emerged as a fast-paced growing real estate consultancy firm with some of the best projects in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. It has expanded its business to all across the country within no time. 

Agency21 International has one of the best teams for a property consultancy. With provision, knowledge, and great corporate awareness, Agency21 International has gained the trust of investors.

Graana is Pakistan’s online real estate marketplace. A portal that helps people to sell, buy or rent out properties, Graana has paved easier and easy ways for investment in real estate. People can now look at properties, get the best consultancy, and invest their money in the right place while sitting inside their homes.

Graana is a great asset for the future of the real estate industry. It will help change the dynamics of conventional real estate investments.

The large-scale construction projects in the country have helped to build a pool of real estate consultancy and advisory firms. However, it has also provided opportunities to fake real estate agents as well to loot investments from clients. Investors need to check the authenticity and reliability of the real estate firms before deciding to put their money in line.

Hashi GOC is the name of trust and transparency. We are providing property advisory and consultancy services. We are aiming to be among the top real estate companies in Pakistan. Our teams are always ready to help you in the right direction. To get your personal consultant, give Hashi GOC a visit or call us at:


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