The Missing Puzzle To Your Business Success

There are more people on the internet than you can imagine. In fact, the internet population continues to grow at a rate faster than the world population. There are about 5.18 billion internet users worldwide, which is a jump of 1,700,000,000 people from 2020. Take a look for yourself and imagine how important is internet for your business success.

Number of internet users worldwide

The Power Of The Internet

While it is a known fact that business success is impossible without a proper marketing strategy, a lot of businesses still do not provide due attention to the marketing of their business. Even when they do, they do not realize the importance of marketing it at the right place – the internet – where around 65% of the global population spends most of their day.  

The digital presence of a business can assert to the stakeholders that the business will not leave them in the dark in case an issue arises. It creates trust in the brand, making it potentially possible for the customers to invest in your business. Having a digital presence can help provide people with a reason to choose your business.

The Missing Puzzle

However, there is another angle to this story – and it can be the missing puzzle to your business success or the failure of your growth. The Internet has truly changed the way people shop for products and services. It has also generated a lot of market competition as businesses have started strategizing social media as a marketing tool. Brands are using digital marketing as a tool to give their brand a voice. 

But what happens when a lot of voices happen at the same time? It gets loud, the people are confused, and the results are null.  

A lot of competition on the internet makes it hard for your customer to decide which brand should they go for. The e-nature of business has provided customers with so many options that making a decision becomes tough. This is the missing puzzle to your business success. Your digital marketing strategy should make you stand out. It should give your brand a voice that is distinct from all other brands and noises. For this purpose, your business needs a digital marketing strategy that consists of a combination of inbound and outbound strategies. 

Digital Outbound Tactics

This strategy takes your voice to a global level, where you can market your product to people in different groups, demographics, and settings on the internet. For example, the banner ads on the website are outbound digital tactics that will promote a product to anyone who opens the website.

Digital Inbound Tactics

These are targeted tactics for business success. It means that marketers who employ digital inbound tactics target a specific group in their digital marketing strategy to attract their target customers. This strategy provides assets to the stakeholders who are more likely to buy the business. For example, a blog is the most powerful inbound digital marketing tactic which helps a business capitalize on the needs of the ideal customers.


Creating an effective marketing strategy that translates the vision of the business and influences its customers to buy from them instead of the competitors can be a stressful job – especially for small businesses and entrepreneurs who are not marketing professionals and cannot afford to hire a marketing team. Digital marketing companies such as SHR MARKETING 360 can be befitting for such businesses as it provides 360° digital marketing services that are customized to fit the needs of a business and its targeted market. This way, the businesses can focus on developing a unique product and the digital marketing partner can emphasize the power of the internet to sell their products, helping the business to grow to new heights.   

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