Small Investment Opportunities in Pakistan

Most recently, small investment opportunities in Pakistan have been on rising due to the globalization of businesses and the collaboration of industries. Moreover, due to rising unemployment and problems in the job sector, youngsters are heading towards smaller entrepreneurship opportunities. These opportunities offer investments on smaller scales and help youngsters build their businesses with little effort.

The recent government has launched several schemes and technical skills development programs that are meant to empower youth with essential skills and help them establish themselves in the business market. “Kamyab Jawan Program” is the most recent project launched by the “Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf” government. These schemes are offering loans up to 5 million rupees with no markup and easy installments.

However, our youth is not educated about the investment opportunities and business areas to invest their assets properly. It is very important to guide the youth and those who are finding it difficult to arrange any employment for themselves. Hashi Group of Companies has been researching and trying to find easy investment areas for the youth where they can invest with smaller incomes.

Following is a complete guide to all the smaller business areas where investment can be made with easy management and smaller payments:

  • Real Estate
  • Online Marketing Agency
  • Stock Market
  • Event Management
  • Kiosk Opening

Apart from these businesses, there are several others as well that will be covered by Hashi in the next few blogs. For now, let’s dig into the details of these businesses and how can these businesses prove to be beneficial for you:

Real Estate

For the past few years, the real estate business has accelerated at a faster pace in the Pakistani market. Hundreds of commercial and residential construction projects are underway and the industry is posing great investment opportunities to everyone. Real estate is mainly related to property buying, selling, or renting. Real estate is a major power sector in the economy of Pakistan with an overall capital of $1.5 to $3 billion.

The question is how can a person with 5-6 lacs in his pocket invest in the real estate market? The answer lies in various options. The first option is to buy a property file. The property files are lesser expansive than the real property or plot. Buying a property file can, later on, give extra money by selling the file.

The second major way to invest in the real estate sector is to buy an old property and then renovate it. Old properties usually have lower values, but if their infrastructure is renovated and newer material is added, these older properties can give higher values.

So, for most people, this can prove to be a very important investment point. Instead of selling the renovated property, you can rent it out as well. Renting out the property will eventually give you assets for the long-term with ownership of the property.

Renting out rooms for Tourism Platforms

Renting out the spare room in your home can also be a smart idea to use the space and get the best out of it. Mostly in foreign countries and also in Pakistan now, people have been turned their spare rooms into guest rooms and are charging a lot from local and international travelers.

Moreover, due to the rise of tourism, it has now become easier and high-paying to list your room or property on online tourism platforms where people book rooms for staying when they have to travel to some foreign country.

Airbnb is the best example of such kind of platform. Foreigners mostly vloggers or travel enthusiasts book rooms or houses for their stay in Pakistan, even before arriving. So, this can be your ultimate opportunity to rent a house and then further list it on such platforms after the renovation works.

Online Marketing Agency

With the arrival of online business markets and platforms, it has become easier for almost everyone with internet access to start earning from these platforms. Freelancing platforms are the best example of such kinds of markets. Companies or individuals with a need for work regarding specific skills hire the candidates or freelancers available online on such platforms and pay them for getting specific tasks done.

However, working individually as a freelancer on freelancing platforms can be a smaller venture. If you have some money in your pocket, you can hire a few individuals with a specific skillset and provide them with tasks and assignments that you receive from your clients online.

Many youngsters these days have been working in collaboration with each other as online marketing agencies and providing services to foreign clients. It is not only helping them generate good incomes but also provides ways to earn for several other youngsters who are struggling to get themselves any employment. So, these online marketing agencies can be potential businesses with long-term business development chances.

Stock Market

Another important small investment in Pakistan is investing in the stock markets. Investment in stocks seems very complex, but it is an easier process with prospects of faster growth. What you do is you purchase stocks of a certain company that is growing and has the chance of growth.

After a suitable time when the stocks witness higher values in the stock market, it is time to sell them and invest in stocks of other companies with a lower value. In this way, you can save yourselves the profit from the previous stocks that can help you buy stocks of some other company.

The stock market has recently witnessed development because the youth is educated and very much aware of the trends in the online markets. Moreover, these days the international markets have been influencing the stock markets of various countries. So, investing in stocks with the awareness of the international markets and the trends in the growth of the companies can lead to successful ventures in the stock markets.

Event Management

Event management is very tiring, yet it comes with the perks of management satisfaction. Individuals with the skills and resources can start a small business in event management. It can be birthday party management or any other in-house function. Event management companies and organizations do not invest much while starting their business; however, they start earning well once their business gets streamlined.

Kiosk or Cart Opening

Individuals with small savings have a difficult time searching for businesses to open. However, with the population growth and developments in the larger cities of Pakistan, many investment opportunities have opened where a kiosk in some shopping mall or a smaller cart in any business area gives the most out of the investment.

Entrepreneurs with business ideas such as a cart of French fries, and many others buy a cart and hand over it to some other individual with all the things that are needed. The individual runs the cart on a monthly payment and in this way, both the owner and the cart handler earn a handsome amount of income.

Kiosks in the malls with items of interest or snacks also give higher returns with smaller investments. If you are a young entrepreneur with a handy amount in your pockets, we would suggest you open a kiosk or cart in some city. It will not only be your smaller business startup but will give you the experience of learning from it. With time, you can open up multiple carts or kiosks when the investments start building up.

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