Real Estate Business in Pakistan and the Upcoming Trends with Hashi GOC

Hashi Group of Companies with its dedication to excellence through trust and transparency. Moreover, it aims at providing better investment opportunities in Real Estate Business.

In the past few years, the Real Estate business in Pakistan has witnessed tremendous growth with the prices of properties skyrocketing each day. The twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi are the center of this real-estate boom. The establishment of new societies, better housing schemes, business areas, and comfortable life plans are the top priorities of the real estate business in Pakistan. It is causing the influx of real estate investments in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. However, finding the best investment partner can be a challenge.

Hashi Group of Companies with its dedicated to excellence through trust and transparency. Moreover, it aims at providing better investment opportunities in Real Estate Business. An upcoming success builder: Hashi Group of Companies has expert consultants to guide you in the world of better investments. 

Hashi Group of Companies aims at providing better investment opportunities in the Real Estate Business with trust, transparency, and growth insurance. Dedicated to your success, its purpose is to search and build investment areas with a potential for growth. With projects such as The Hash Mall and initiatives like Hashi Residency, we are laying the bricks of a new era in the Real Estate Industry

Real Estate Business in Pakistan and Investment Advisory

Finding the best investment opportunities in Real Estate Business can be challenging. With more and more consultancy and investment firms, the chances of fraud have increased. Most of the public falls into the hands of the fake firms and loses their investments. To ease the needs of investors, Hashi GoC provides a complete investment consultancy guide. 

One of the prime services offered by Hashi Group is ‘investment advisory’. Our marketing teams are dedicated to finding investment opportunities. Establish yourself in the competitive market with a full-time consultancy by Hashi Group’s outstanding marketing professionals. We dig into the market, look for growth opportunities, and help you cement your dreams with excellence. Build a world of trust with Hashi Group and envision the future of growth.

Real Estate Selling, Buying, and Rental Consultancy

Hashi GoC currently provides consultancy for selling, buying, or renting properties. Our services range from commercial to residential plots. Our teams are working diligently in the competitive market and finding opportunities for you in the real estate business. We can help you with properties at prime locations. If you want to sell, buy, or rent any property, Hashi Group will be your best partner. Therefore, we ensure continued support and business consultancy so that you grow and establish yourself.

Rental Consultancy

The recent market competition and property prices hike have led to property rentals. With more properties being available at rents and more Real Estate firms at work, the risk of fraud and fake dealings has increased. It has caused a lack of confidence among the public while renting out any property. Hashi Group with its vision and corporate value of trust and transparency provides you with the solution to this problem.

We have properties registered and listed in our systems and we help you reach the best clients. All of the dealings are straightforward and clear. Hashi Group does not compromise on transparency values. The market is getting more and more saturated each year, and Hashi Group takes a lot of care in this respect. You can trust us and we can provide you with the best renting consultancy. Trust us and build your future securely.

Property Selling

If you are selling your property and want to get the most out of it, Hashi Group will help you with it. We have potential clients and customers who are actively looking for opportunities and properties to invest in. Hashi Group helps you arrange meetings and all the processes so that you get what you want out of your assets sold. Hashi Group is dedicated to providing excellent services with full transparency. All of the dealings are clearly crystal among all the parties.

Property Buying

Investing in real estate is one of the most successful and profitable businesses. If you want to invest in real estate and want to buy property, Hashi Group is there to hold your hand and lead you to success. The twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi pose a great deal of investment and profit. Hashi Group has market professionals in Islamabad and Rawalpindi and a wider range of investment areas. You can build a dream world with our trust and transparent policy.

Architectural Services

Hashi Group is providing architectural services as well under the title of ‘Mimaar’. We have a team of professionals that aims at building the best designs for your residential or commercial buildings. The Hash Mall, which is a project by Hashi GoC, is also designed with the architectural mastery of Mimaar’s team. Mimaar is working on several other projects as well.

With more firms and companies operating in the real estate business, counterfeit elements pose a threat to money fraud. Hashi Group with its core values and vision helps you get over all this hustle and negative market loss. We have got your back covered with our trusted clients and investment opportunities. Buy with us, invest with us, and grow with us on the best terms.

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