Quetta International Property Expo 2022

HASHI GOC is achieving every milestone with its profound work and markable name. HASHI GOC has successfully covered the Quetta international property expo 2022 & convention 2022 with all its glamour and glory. The 3-day Quetta Expo went a memorable and triumph event, especially for Hashi GoC. With the great efforts and teamwork of all Hashi GoC team, we made the event touch the heights. Many eminent personalities attended the event and glorified the event with their charisma.

The Quetta international property expo organized by the Pakistan Association of Exhibition remained fruitful for the visitors who visited and got mindful real estate advisory from our skillful sales Director & executives. At our stall, we welcomed our honorable guests and visitors and introduced them to our ongoing and upcoming projects.

The beginning of the event on Day 1 was exciting. Team Hashi GoC arrived at the expo and made it even more exciting. A huge crowd attended the event and got know-how about The Hash Mall & Hash Residency.

Day 2 went lit with the arrival of Ambassador Ayub Khosa. The crowd went wild and the event took speed. In the afternoon of the 2nd day, the team welcomed our Honorable Chairman Syed Hashim Raza. There was a notable response from the people of Quetta.

The Team Hashi GoC under the leadership of Director Syed Tahir Abbas welcomed the Owner Pak World Trade & Expo, Mr. Khurshid Barlas. The Director and Mr. Barlas exchanged ideas about the boom in the real estate industry

On the 3rd & Last day of the Expo, The Director presented Souvenirs to our honorable Ambassador for the event, Ayub Khosa. In the afternoon, tea Hashi GoC welcomed Food Minister Baluchistan, Zmarak Khan.

In the evening, we greeted our honorable guest Mr. Senator Nawab Ayaz Jogeriz. The event was a huge success

At the end of the day, A Lucky draw segment was held by Hashi GoC in which 6 lucky winners won different prizes.

The Quetta Expo went a memorable and triumphing event, especially for Hashi GoC. It was a complete success for the Hashi Group of Companies & it made roadways for the paved triumph in the world of real estate in Pakistan.


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