Inauguration of Hashi GoC in Lahore

We have always talked about how growth and expansion of an organization adds to the glory of it and how it unfolds thousands of opportunities that exist out there. Talking is not just all we do. Planning, execution, and delivery is our forte.

Hashi GoC in Lahore
Hashi GoC in Lahore

Keeping up with that, we have Inaugurated our Fourth and foremost corporate office with a bang that too in Lahore i.e. a city of not just gardens but full of opportunities, scope, possibilities, and of course investments. Our esteemed and worthy chairman with his vision to revolutionize not just his vicinity but his country is one of his own kind.

At such a young age he along with his team has developed an empire of trust and assurance. With the opening of our new office, aim is to provide our regarded and considerable clients and investors a platform for their dealings and proceedings and to transform Lahore Real Estate market.

Hashi GoC in Lahore
Hashi GoC in Lahore

For the inaugural event, our teams from different regions of the country joined us to showcase their excitement for the big start in the new city. The ceremony was officially started with ribbon cutting ceremony by our praise worthy chairman along with his A team.

The multistory office consists of several floors including priority center, sales force space with subdivisions, cafeteria, breakout room and much more. The new work place is full of life along with its people and inhabits a great work culture adding the leisure activities. In short, it’s an opening of a kick at
the can.

Hashi GoC in Lahore
Hashi GoC in Lahore

Cherry on top was our eventful dinner at Nishat Emporium Attended by industry leaders, experts, board of directors and teams from different regions. It was not just Inauguration with a bang but a full of surprise evening for the team who got well deserved promotions.

Hashi GoC in Lahore
Hashi GoC in Lahore

Our chairman Syed Hashim Raza presented the team with surprise promotions and shared views about the inauguration and the growth opportunities it might bring for the organization and people. The evening was followed by a cake cutting ceremony involving our Chairman and his A Team. in the launch event. An evening filled with glittering assemblage celebrating the fulfilment of  Hashi
Group of Companies
 expansion plan.

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