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Hashi Group of Companies believes that corporates have a social responsibility like Hunehar Welfare School to make a positive impact on society and that is why we have made it our mission to give back in a meaningful way. Keeping with our commitment to CSR, Hashi recently launched a campaign to spread joy among underprivileged students of society during the festive season of Eid with Hunehar Welfare  Foundation students.

Hashi GoC Marketing team
students of Hunehar Welfare School

We understand that Eid is a special occasion for everyone, and we wanted to ensure that the less fortunate children of Pakistan also had a chance to enjoy the festivities.

prize ditribution in school
students of Hunehar Welfare School

The focus of our campaign was to extend social support to these children and to help them experience the celebration of social events like Eid ul Fitr. This is necessary for underprivileged children to foster a sense of belonging, self-worth, and resilience in the face of adversity.

The campaign involved distributing gifts, food, and sweets to the underprivileged students of Hunehar to bring a smile to their faces and make the Eid celebrations even more special for them. The students were also provided with basic educational supplies, including notebooks and pens, to help them continue their education.

At Hashi Group of Companies, we understand that CSR is not just a one-time event. Therefore we have collaborated with Hunehar Welfare Foundation to assist school needy students. It is a continuous process that requires ongoing commitment and dedication. That is why we value the significance of CSR and are committed to giving back to the community in meaningful ways.

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