How do Pakistani celebrate Pakistan’s Defense Day on 6th September?

History of 6th September

The 6th of September is celebrated each year as the Defence Day in Pakistan. This day is celebrated as a national day in the remembrance of Pakistan’s successful defence against India that marked the ceasefire in the 1965 war on the 6th of September.

Indian Attack on Lahore without Formal Declaration.

On 6th September 1965, (Defence Day) Indian army crossed the border of Pakistan without an official declaration of War. At 3:00 AM on the 6th of September 1965, without a formal declaration of war, Indians crossed the international border of West Pakistan and threw a three-pronged violent against Lahore, Sialkot, and Rajasthan. There was a violent tank battle on the plains of Punjab. The domestic Indo-Pak battle changed into an international conflict and raised up Super Power concerns. This action of India, which claims to be the prime democracy in the World, was incomplete defilement of International law, deed of the United Nations, and rules of civilized behaviour among states. India arrogantly brushed aside its international promises in its craving to defeat the region. Indian’s attack against Lahore was detained and beaten back with heavy wounded to the attackers. The Pakistan Army units defending on the milled, supported by the Pakistan Air Force were able to blunt the Indians attacking and roll it back.

Sialkot Attack

After the Lahore attack, exactly two days later on 8th September India hurled its key attack against Sialkot using its reinforced division and other strike formations. The seventeen-day war among Pak & India viewed the largest tank battles since World War II, causing thousands of deeds to both sides, but remained militarily unsettled. Pakistan endured the attack of its property by an enemy four times its size, and in doing so the whole country stood to challenge with an iron resolve. The nation armed at every level, where every child, man, or woman devoted themselves to the war effort, in a matter of raising funds, training themselves as civilian guards, or nursing services hospitals. Madam Noor Jahan also took the park by singing inspirational war songs in praise of the defenders.

End of War

Now the question is that how did this biggest tank war come to an end? The U. S. suspended military supplies to both sides. Both the Soviet Union and the United States took a unified stand to restrict the battle within the boundaries of the Sub-continent from mounting into a global conflict. China exposed to interference and offered military support to Pakistan. It was to keep China away from this fight that both the Soviet Union and the United States pressured the U. N. to place an immediate ceasefire.

The main political effort to stop the fighting was directed under the supports of the United Nations and a ceasefire came into effect on September 23, 1965.

A Soviet Government communique officially announced on December 8 that the Indian Prime Minister Shastri and the Pakistani President Ayub Khan would meet at Tashkent on January 4, 1966. The main success of the Discussion was to withdraw, no later than February 25, 1966.

The war ended with the arbitration effort of the USSR and a peace agreement signed at Tashkent.

Importance of 6th September

The 6thof September (Defence Day) is a golden chapter in Pakistan. A day when the Pakistani nation pays tribute to the brave martyred defence force who sacrificed their lives in protecting their motherland from the enemy, especially to those 11 martyrs who famed themselves for their odd heroism and were granted the anticipated Nishan-e-Haider.

How Do Pakistani Celebrate Defence Day on 6th September?


A ‘Change of Guards’ ceremony is held at Mazar-e-Quaid and Iqbal’s Tomb every year, where young cadets of Pakistan Armed Forces take up guard duty in place of their comrades.



Defence Day celebrations always bring standard themes every year, where the Pakistan Army shows its latest weapons, missiles, tanks, and aircraft. Parades and air shows are seized at numerous locations in few cities, Fortress Stadium Lahore manages different engaging festivities on 6th September year. Karnal Sher Khan Stadium in Peshawar, GHQ in Rawalpindi, Malir Cantt in Karachi, and other popular places also present different shows. The air show can never be missed as Pakistani fighter jumbos are some of the best in the world.


Even though you can visit the parades personally, you can also watch Defence Day celebrations across Pakistan, live on T.V. News channels broadcast the events live. Away from that, special documentaries are made to tribute our heroes to keep the spirit of patriotism and sacrifice alive. National songs are played all over Pakistan.



Defence Day of Pakistan is always celebrated with enthusiasm by the commercial sector, some brands offer discounts on sales, and exclusive stock in tones of green and white, that signifies our national flag.

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