High Return Investment in Pakistan

High return investment in Pakistan seems like a greater concern for the majority of business investors. In recent years, the real estate industry has emerged as a secure and strong investment sector in Pakistan. According to Dawn News, Pakistan’s real estate industry is worth around $1.5 to $2 trillion currently. Being the second-largest contributor to the economy of Pakistan after agriculture, it makes up 60-70% of the total economy of Pakistan. 

The current government of Pakistan is showing tremendous interest in the real estate industry. Previous governments neglected the real estate industry and enforced regulatory taxes. It made the investment in real estate quite difficult for the investors. However, the current government has lifted all the extra taxes on real estate and the construction industry.

The proper policymaking and confidence given by the current government is now helping investors to trust the real estate industry. Previously, due to a lack of proper policies and fluctuations in the market, the investors suffered great losses. However, currently, the construction and the real estate industry is witnessing a boom.

According to the statistical data from various government and non-government organizations, overseas Pakistanis have invested more money in the real estate industry than in any other sector. It is due to the security and high return ratio that the real estate industry provides. Moreover, local investors are also pouring in their interest in the real estate industry right now.

Pros of Real Estate Industry in Pakistan

With the boom of the real estate industry, it is very much important to convey the pros of the right investment in the real estate industry. To help you guide on the right path, the following are some benefits you can get by investing in real estate:

High Returns with Potential of Growth

The real estate industry ensures high returns on all investments. The security and growth connected with investment allow overseas Pakistanis to invest in the real estate business. For instance, the property that was valued at 5 million in 2010, is now worth 10 times the previous value. The boom has allowed investors to get higher payback ratios over their investments.

Passive Income Source

Real estate investment is a great source of passive income. With a small investment, the investors can get monthly returns in the form of rentals and other sources from their properties. Investors usually tend to invest in real estate because of the steady cash flow that they keep getting from their property source.

Protection against Inflation

From August 2018 till December 2021, the Pakistani rupee witnessed a huge depreciation against the US dollar. It led to higher inflation in Pakistan’s economy. Many major sectors suffered great losses. Businesses were crippled. However, one industry that did not suffer any damages was real estate. 

The real estate industry is a secure shelter against higher inflation. The property keeps a steady value and maintains the growth value with time. Moreover, in some cases, properties tend to increase their value. It results in cases when there are higher foreign remittances. 

People tend to send more dollars to their local Pakistani bank accounts because it gives them higher conversion rates. They tend to invest their money in real estate, which increases the value of already existing properties. Real estate has limitless security for investments.

Hashi Group of Companies started its ventures in real estate two years back. With an aim to reshape the trends in real estate and construction, Hashi GOC started its projects and consultancy firm. Later on, an architectural firm with the name of Mimaars was also established to provide architectural designs for buildings. 

The real question that investors tend to ask is what is the prospect of their investment over the next few years? Hashi GOC with its projects of excellence and highly efficient team of investment advisors and consultants provides a complete guideline. Investors are guided thoroughly about the investment procedures and their monthly returns and rentals.

From commercial and residential investment advisory to project details, you can get all services in one place. Hashi GOC has NOC-approved projects under its belt that pose to be the best high return investment in Pakistan.


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