Hashi Premier League 2022

And Kudos! to the fantastic and successful event held by Hashi Group of Companies as an enthusiast cricket activity for our workforce. The event Hashi Premier League 2022 was held in order to create a compelling and refreshing pursuit for our valued employees.

Overall, 7 teams participated in the Hashi Premier League: Team Hashi GoC, Team SHR, Team The Hash Mall, Team Hash residency, Team Mimaars, Team Hash Real estate & Builders, and Team SSM.

The matches were held between Team Hashi GoC & Team SHR, The Hash Mall Team & Team Hash Residency. It was an entertaining event. Our honorable chairman Syed Hashim Raza & Executive Director, Syed Tahir Abbas also participated in the match to risen up the morale of all teams.

Teams from Bahria Phase 4 office also participated in the event to make it even more entertaining.

Here are some of the glimpses of energizing event:

The overall winning is for Hashi Group of Companies. The objective of such a thrilling activity is to create a lively interaction between employees, and colleagues in order to work as a team for the productive and successful operation of Hashi Group of Companies.


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