Global Media and Information Literacy

Global Media and Information Literacy (MIL) Week 2022 takes place from October 24th to October 31st, like every year. The topic for this year’s MIL week is “Nurturing trust: A Media and Information Literacy Imperative,” according to UNESCO. This time, Nigeria will serve as the host. 

Media and information literacy: What is it?

For optimal operation, our brains require information. Our views, ideas, and attitudes are primarily determined by the caliber of the information we consume. Any sources, including those on the Internet, the media, libraries, archives, museums, publishers, and other information providers, could be used to gather this data.

Access to knowledge and communication has dramatically increased for people worldwide. While some people overflow with print, broadcast, and digital content, others are underfed with information. We all have different questions from time to time, and media and information literacy (MIL) offers solutions. How can we responsibly access, search for, evaluate, consume, and create content online and offline? What are our online and offline rights? What moral dilemmas exist about information access and use? How can we use the media and information and communications technologies (ICTs) to support freedom of expression, access to information, intercultural and interreligious dialogue, equality, and peace?

UNESCO fosters the growth of MIL competencies in people by providing tools for strengthening capacity, including curriculum creation, policy guidelines and articulation, and assessment framework.

The significance of media, information, and digital literacy for everyone

How do you decide who and what to trust personally and professionally? Are you concerned about the rise of false information and fake news on the Internet? If you’re a teacher, how do you encourage your pupils to examine and analyze web content critically, whether it’s for their studies or personal lives? If you have any concerns about these issues, continue reading.

Everyone’s go-to remedy for regulation issues is media literacy

In 2018, Professor Sonia Livingstone addressed the newfound passion for media literacy among decision-makers and others as they handled complex issues related to internet regulation in a few blog postings. She pointed out in the first post that while raising media literacy among the general population appeared to be a viral strategy for combating “fake news,” those who seemed to be embracing it were rarely explicit about their planned course of action.

What are the problems with media literacy, and how can we get closer to a solution?

The second post, which is still one of our most popular ones, went into greater detail on the difficulties in enhancing media literacy from both an educational and a practical standpoint.

Global Media and Information Literacy Week: Significance

People get confused and uneasy due to misinformation, political polarization, and conflicting messages. Because of this, Global Media and Information Literacy (MIL) Week was created to empower the general population by providing them with the necessary information. The program attempts to guarantee and evaluate the development of media and news literacy globally. Its objective is to skillfully ease the problems brought on by inaccurate information and a lack of knowledge.

Global Media and Information Literacy Week: Celebration

Discussions about injustices are permitted during MIL week. While many people find it difficult to access information, others have adapted to its accessibility. Examine the imbalance and decide how to make it right. In addition, we can force people to learn how to use traditional and contemporary media. We can assist someone in gaining media literacy while teaching them how to use the Internet.

Hashi Group of Companies pays colossal importance to Global Media and Information Literacy. We are also bridging the gaps to make the appropriate use of all our social media platforms while enabling the information to be accessible to everyone. Chairman of Hashi Group of Companies, Mr. Syed Hashim Raza takes keen interest in the Global Media and Information Literacy. 


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