Glimpses of Annual Dinner 2022 by Hashi Group of Companies

Glimpses of Annual Dinner 2022 by Hashi Group of Companies, Hashi Group of Companies; is a name of trust, transparency, and growing corporate culture that always tries to maintain a collaborative environment where everyone gets the opportunity to grow and learn from every other member of the team. To boost the confidence of teams while they achieve their targets, Hashi organizes various events and celebrations inside and outside the offices.

2021 was a gloomy year, filled with death and horror all around the country due to COVID-19, and it changed the dynamics of the office environment. Online working spaces were created, and it caused a major lapse for the corporate industry in achieving its goals. The overall revenue growth was also restricted because of business closures all around the world. However, the real estate sector was the only sector that kept growing even during COVID-19 despite all the challenges.

In Pakistan, the government allowed the real estate and construction industry to work smoothly with special subsidies and business growth factors. Hashi Group of Companies also faced several challenges during this period; however, with the team’s efforts and a growth vision by the Chairman, Syed Hashim Raza, the company grew and expressed phenomenal performance. With two state-of-the-art projects, Hashi Group of Companies kept its vision clear and initiated the construction process.

Exclusive consultancy, good investment advisory by the team, and most importantly the work by the construction teams remained phenomenal. “Hash Residency” is the first project, which proved to be a great place marker for Hashi GOC in the real estate sector. Till now, the project witnessed 80% growth and almost all of the units have been sold out. “The Hash Mall” is the second project by the Hashi Group of Companies, which comprises residential and commercial units. After the successful venture in real estate with Hash Residency, “The Hash Mall” has also proven to be a project of growth investment.

To celebrate the success of all the projects and the growth of the teams, the Hashi Group of Companies, organized a grand annual dinner 2022 in Islamabad. The Annual Dinner 2022 by Hashi Group of Companies was a complete success like all of the projects. It was marked by the presence of several stakeholders, investors, and all the team members from various offices of Hashi GOC. Colorful performances were part of the event with an awards and certificates distribution ceremony at the end.

The event started with “Talawat-e-Quran” by one of the esteemed guests from our investors. After R Talawat e Kalam Pak, Brig. Tahir Siddique presented the vision, goals, and overall progress of the teams during the year 2021. He also presented the vision and goals of Hashi GOC for the year 2022. Colonel Khursheed Anwar Durrani amused the audience with his soulful poetry that expressed the vision of our Chairman, Syed Hashim Raza, and how he is leading all the teams to achieve all the goals and targets within the proper time frame.

Syed Hashim Raza, Chairman of Hashi GOC, addressed the audience and expressed his happiness over the performance of the teams. Moreover, he thanked all the investors and stakeholders who contributed to the beliefs of Hashi GOC in standing at the top in the real estate sector. He marked the launch of “Hashi Song”, which presents the vision and hard work of all the teams in making all the dreams come true.

After the performances of various teams, awards and certificates were distributed among the team members. Chairman, Syed Hashim Raza, handed over the mega prized to the team members who expressed phenomenal performance during the year 2021. He appreciated these members for bringing the goals of Hashi GOC to reality during the year 2021. These team members are a great asset to the Hashi family.

Several newspapers and TV channels also reported the dinner to deliver the message of trust and transparency in the real estate market.

Syed Tahir Abbas, Executive Director of Hashi GOC, also made his presence sure at the “Annual Dinner 2022” and expressed his happiness over the performances of the teams and congratulated the team members who won mega prizes for their exceptional performance during the year 2021. He also handed over the certificates to all the team members for their hard work and contributions to the overall success of the Hashi family.

With a special request from, Syed Hashim Raza, certificates were handed to every member of the team. The recognition from the Chairman and Executive Director boosted the confidence of these teams. Cheques were handed over to the staff team as well for the continuous effort each day to ensure that the systems run smoothly in all the offices.

Additionally, gift boxes were handed over to the investors and the stakeholders as a gesture of gratitude and appreciation for their continuous support and belief in Hashi’s projects. These investors help us take the vision ahead with the construction of units at a faster pace and delivery of the units at a proper time.

The event concluded with a special dinner for all the participants. Chairman, Syed Hashim Raza, had a photo session with all the teams, investors, and organizers as well. He expressed his happiness and appreciated SHR Marketing 360 for organizing and managing such a beautiful event.

Events like these prove to be confidence boosters for teams to work harder and maintain the success ratio at a faster pace. Moreover, they leave a great impression in the corporate world and help other companies and firms as well for managing such events. Hashi Group of Companies is a trendsetter and with its aim to stand higher in the market, we are doing everything to give strength to our teams so that they can perform well and learn from the overall culture.


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