The Future Of Real Estate Business In Pakistan

The report says that the real estate industry in Pakistan is expected to keep growing in 2023, as it contributed 2.6% of Pakistan’s GDP in 2020. This contribution is expected to rise further in the coming years, which will create more jobs and help the real estate sector grow. It proves that the future of real estate in Pakistan is obviously bright though, the real estate sector in the times of covid has acted like a survivor of war. This sector seemed to suffer due to the lack of real estate investors. The covid19 pandemic had led to a difficult state of affairs for real estate. A lack of investment meant that the prices eventually started to go down. However, the recent trends relating to real estate have changed drastically.

Real estate is the fastest growing zone of Pakistan and more than one hundred industries are directly and indirectly associated with it. The boom in real estate will fuel the increase in different industries together with the development industry.

It is the funding choice for foreign places and neighborhood traders seeking out an area in the vicinity of their holdings. The increase in real estate, however, has included numerous extensive challenges, fragmented regulatory frameworks, the extreme dearth of lower-priced housing, gradual technology adoption, a loss of transparency, and insufficient resilience

Future Of Real Estate In Pakistan:

Analyzing the current situation of Real estate in Pakistan, it is likely to get an even bigger boom in the near future. As we can see that the residents living in Bahria Town, Gulberg DHA, and other housing societies are rapidly increasing the value of their owned residences.  

The property in prime locations in Rawalpindi & Islamabad is in high demand among both realtors and consumers. The prices of such properties are already reaching the above million US dollars range. A simple Kanal house in a location like Bahria Town, Gulberg, or Defense can cost anywhere from 4 crores to 7 crores.

The prices have gone up so rapidly that they are nearly five times what they used to be around a few years ago. Those who own the property are simply not selling it anymore and are waiting for the prices to go even higher. It remains to be seen whether this waiting and denying willing buyers is going to work out in the long run or if the market will simply fall apart.

Industry experts and Pakistani realtors are optimistic about the future of the real estate market because the Government of Pakistan is now vigilant in solving the issues of the real estate sector as soon as possible. With the government’s measures to eliminate terrorism and its efforts to eradicate violence in the country, it is expected that the prevailing law and order in the country will soon improve in the near future. It will build trust among aspirants and investors of property and would encourage them to invest in real estate properties.

Projects By Hashi Group Of Companies:

Stepping into the real estate industry in early 2020, Hashi GoC is achieving the milestones of success in the market with its marvelous architecture and low payment plan starting from 25%. 

Hash Residency 

Hash Residency in Bahria Town Rawalpindi is the best investment as we promise our clients a secure future and dream lifestyle. For investors and stakeholders, Hashi GoC’s Hash Residency is the most reliable and ideal location to invest within.

Hash Residency located in Bahria Town Phase 8, Rawalpindi is in its developing stage, therefore, rates are affordable. This is an upcoming commercial hub that brings an ultimate shopping experience. Hash Real Estate & Builders are the Developers of this mega project. Moreover, Hash Residency brings all of the major local and international standard apartments under one roof. Delivering an outstanding and smart living with all luxuries and amenities.

The Hash Mall:

 With the utmost development and delivery, Hashi GoC’s Hash Real Estate & Builders and Mimaars provide affordable and profitable investment plans to investors on commercial grounds. Also, Hashi GoC is a renowned name in the field of consultancy and construction for families looking for investment opportunities. Hash Mall in Islamabad and Bahria Greens Rawalpindi is the best investment as we promise our clients a secure future and dream lifestyle. For investors and stakeholders; Hashi GoC is the most reliable and reputed name to invest in


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