Current Political Instability and Hashi’s Care

With Pakistan’s economy in disarray and inflation at high, political instability may have tragic implications. Pakistan is seeing a wave of public protests and rallies on “Imran Khan being disqualified by the election commission” across the country. In some ways, the protests expose the state’s ineffective, divisive, and other policies. Aside from the political rallies and demonstrations in Islamabad, Hashi GoC at this moment stood up for their employee’s safety and ease. Hashi GoC has decided to give all of its employees an early leave from office until the situation has stabilized. This is a major show of support for their employees, who may not feel safe working in the current environment. Hashi GoC always stand behind their employees during difficult times. They also encouraged their employees to stay safe and to reach out if they need any support. Hashi GoC care about their employees and are willing to support them during times of hardship.


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