Chairman’s Message

Hashi Group of Companies even though a new entrant in the field has still managed to make waves and today has become a strong and a trusted name in the real estate and development sector. As a brand we stand for commitment, excellence, integrity and respect. We as Hashi Group of Companies are on a path to build a legacy for which it will be known for generations to come. Sustainable housing is a basic requirement and is becoming an elusive goal across the globe. For many years, real estate sector was ignored in Pakistan’s developing economy. Despite several policy initiatives at government level, there were no significant achievement in providing housing to the masses but today it is changing and it is changing for good. With the introduction of various tax reforms, the real estate sector is showing signs of sustained growth. The real estate sector in the country has traditionally been an informal one. There are only a few recognized brands, despite the fact that the sector promises high financial returns. Hashi Group is changing just that. It is the know-how that is uniquely ours. We have at our core the ability to innovate and to look to the future as what can be, instead of taking our cue from what already is. Our projects The Hash Mall and The Hash Residency have been well received in the market and for which I am sincerely thankful to our valued clients for their continued support and ensuring that we become a leading name in the real estate sector. Our priority at the Group will always be our clients, who are at the forefront of all our undertakings. They will always be provided the best of innovative skills, transparency, honesty, and hard work.