Build Home Expo 2022

The beginning of the event on Day 1 was exciting. Team Hashi GoC arrived at the expo and made it even more exciting. There was a huge crowd attending the event and getting know-how about The Hash Mall & Hash Residency.

Our Head of Administration Mr. Col. Khurshid Durrani gave a short interview to fsd news hd at the Build home expo 2022 where he talked about the investment opportunities for the People of Faisalabad. He further discussed the investment opportunities in Hashi GOC’s upcoming and ongoing projects in Bahria Town, Rawalpindi. A huge crowd hit the event and made Day1 successful with stunning energy!

Day 2 went lit with the arrival of respectable guests. The crowd went wild and the event took speed. On the afternoon of the 2nd day, the team welcomed our Honorable Chairman Syed Hashim Raza. There was a notable response from the people of Quetta.

The Team Hashi GoC under the leadership of Director Syed Tahir Abbas made a marvelous sales hit while satisfying the clients.  

Team Hashi GOC greeted the Former Minister of State for Information and Broadcasting of Pakistan Farrukh Habib at the Expo. 

Our skilled team met the people of Faisalabad who will provide professional guidance, and real-time data and get all of your real estate investment queries answered perfectly. The response at Build Home Expo was remarkable. We love to express our gratitude to the loving people of Faisalabad for making it a success. We are truly honored to be recognized.


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