Real Estate Trends 2021 in Pakistan | Where to invest?

Real Estate Trends 2021 in Pakistan | Where to invest?

Real Estate Trends 2021 in Pakistan

Here we’re going to discuss Pakistan Real Estate Market Forecasts and trends about property in the year 2021. Actually, this forecast is not a prediction; it depends on certain factors. People buy property for the sake of profit. Usually, they prefer the following four major factors that are considered as the safe havens of profit which include.



Stock Market

Property (Real Estate Trends 2020)


Let’s discuss one by one about these factors. First, we will talk about gold. a huge hike in gold prices is seen in 2020. It was due to unstable universal economic conditions and the Covid-19 pandemic shut down. That leads the investors to invest in gold which rapidly kept going up and reached up to 11,0000 per ounce. The investor has taken advantage of the rapidly rising prices of gold. But now as it is on peak and started drifting down, investors are not risking investing in it.


Secondly, a major sector is banks. In 2019-20 we saw a huge climb in interest rate once which was 13.50%. But at the end of 2020, the present Government of Pakistan took a good step to boost its economy by lowering down the interest rate, which is now 7%. The government wants people to spend money and for this, they decreased the interest rates to discourage bulk deposits.


The third main sector in the 2021 investment trends of Pakistan is the stock market. However, people are becoming concerned due to its volatility and factors like front-running. Where investors with less holding power are liquidated on spike movements. The trend is leading to people pulling out their investments from the market and placing them in tangible holdings.

REAL ESTATE TRENDS 2021 (Pakistan).


The fourth & the most important real estate trend in 2021 of Pakistan is investing in the property sector. If you analyze the property market closely you will find it gradually gearing up. The government took several initiatives to boost it up. The Government has announced two mega projects Diamer Basha Dam and Naya Pakistan Housing scheme. Where the Investors have a chance to invest in property without declaring income sources. This trend brought an opportunity to turn their supposedly undeclared money into a part of the system. It’s a piece of good news not only for the investors but a way to give a much-needed boost to the cement and steel industry. The government is also considering the import of cement otherwise there is a chance that we might face an uncontrolled rise in cement price. which is already touching ‘PKR 550 which previously was PKR 420.


In short, it can be said that 2021 is the year of property. So, joining the real estate trend of 2021 now can give u the highest return. Don’t miss the train to reach the right destination at the right time.