How do Pakistani Celebrate Independence Day on 14th August?

 How do Pakistani Celebrate Independence Day on 14th August?

How do Pakistani Celebrate Independence Day on 14th August?

Independence Day on 14th August has been recognized as the independence day of Pakistan. The efforts and actions of those leaders’ sacrifices are admirable . For the development of the country. Fortunately, 14 August 1947 our country. Pakistan got freedom since.  We are going to celebrate 14 August .  With pleasure and joy. I wish everyone. loves Pakistan that they should make the day memorable.  So, I wish every Pakistani to celebrate 14 August. And as well as wholeheartedly to show the importance of Pakistan’s Day.

On 14 th of August Pakistani tries to do just with this great day. And as well as by showing their real emotions & affections for the country. And finally the day when we got a separate identity as a nation. The excitement of the nation makes it more special. Because Pakistan had come into being on 14 of August.

National Holiday

In Pakistan, August 14 is a national holiday. Celebrated around the country.  And as well as  government-held parades. Air shows, and fireworks. Every year, official celebrities.  And heads of state visit the tomb of the founding father of Pakistan. And as well as Muhammad Ali Jinnah, in Karachi to say a prayer and to pay their respects.

What Do People Do?

People all over Pakistan celebrate Independence Day. With patriotic keenness. And as well as Many people who attend the parade. Dress up in green and white. Which are the Pakistani flag’s colors.  The symbol of patriotism. Pakistani People visit national memorials. And as well as places of national significance to celebrate Independence Day . This is also a time to meet relatives. And as well as exchange gifts, and visit fun spots.

Pakistan’s national flag is erected on public. Private buildings, residences, and monuments. As well as to show their love with the country. Official buildings, including Parliament House. Are also decorated according to national themes. And as well as the prime minister and president of Pakistan congratulate the nation. And talk about the day’s significance. On Pakistan’s Day Streets. And houses are decorated with candles, oil lamps, and banners. And as well as firework shows are organized on the eve of Independence Day.

Changing of Guards Ceremony

Pakistan’s Independence Day also pays tribute to people. And as well as who dedicated their lives for Pakistan’s freedom movement. And as well as made sacrifices to attain freedom. A change of guard takes place. National monuments, including the tombs of Muhammad Iqbal. Who was our national poet. Philosopher, and politician, and Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Who is the founder of Pakistan (supreme leader).

Special Shows

Events held during the day include special theatre shows. And as well as national song competitions, concerts, and Independence Day parades. Radio and television stations broadcast national songs on Pakistan’s Day and specially set Independence Day programs.

Excitement of Children on 14th August

The excitement of the children is see able on Independence Day. Children wear flag colored clothes and flag badges. Bazars and roads blustered. With the magnetic spirit of National songs. Official ceremonies are on the other hand. In short Independence Day in Pakistan. Celebrated Independence Day on 14th August. With the true colors of independence. Children prepare different performances for their school functions.

Independence Day is a great event for Pakistani people. As it has a great history. Independence Day is also known as Pakistan day.