How to Properly Price Your House For Sale In Pakistan?

How to Properly Price Your House For Sale In Pakistan?


What do you think of the biggest concern of a potential homebuyer?  Of course, location is an important factor. But one another thing for which they care even more than location or equal is…

Do you think Amenities? No…

Ultra-Luxurious touches? No….

One splendid kitchen maybe? No, it’s not.

That is the price!

Why does price matter a lot?

Yes, it is the price (except few ultra-luxury deals) in most of the cases around the world, where location only in few cases where location matters the most. However,  the first thing a buyer always considers is price. In most cases no matter how stunning the house is, if the price does not fit into the buyer’s budget – he may not even take any interest to look at flashy online advertisements that don't meet his budget. Not only this but overpricing your home can lose your potential clients.

Then what’s the procedure to price a home accurately?

While putting your house for sale in Pakistan. Always keep two things in mind that the buyers have a lot of options, which means they can from other options easily. #2 no two homes are similar, so differentiating your home can make it prominent among others.


Pricing can be the deal breaker – so to set a correct price you should consider the following things.

Study the prior sale trends


To make a successful pricing strategy. Considering previous sales trends, knowledge is crucial. So, have a look at the previous sale statistics in your area. Definitely, it will help you to reach an appropriate price.

likely, if you are selling a 5 Marla house for sale in Bahria Town Islamabad, you should consider a similar property in the same area.  As you cannot compare it with 5 Marla houses in Lahore. However, you can check recently sold houses in your neighborhood like DHA.

Ask Your Agent

Yes, working with professional agents is crucial. They are considered as market pros, having complete knowledge of the current market trends. An agent is the one who can suggest you the right property pricing, according to his experience & commission. Moreover, if you have already studied the market trend, you can evaluate his commendations and price your property.

Nevertheless, hiring an agent can be an additional cost but it will definitely be worth it for;

He will listen, what you want

Will correlate your knowledge with his expertise

He will help you pick the best asking price

work with you as a team

Finally, it will result in what you both want

Leave a room for Concession:

Demanding a fixed price rate can discourage buyers' interest to buy your home. Buyers usually do not want to pay the exact amount listed for sale in Pakistan, therefore, they always try to negotiate on the pricing of your home. So, always leaves room for negotiation but again, avoid overpricing your home, as it can backfire.

Do not give an image of unrealistic pricing –it can discourage your potential buyers to scroll down and leave your property listing. Moreover, going for an online property listing, contact your agent to ask him to present your house for sale to see customers' responses. It is also the best way to find out whether you have priced the property correctly or not.

Help Desk:

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