An Alternate highway for tourists of Murree via Rawalpindi on cards

An Alternate highway for tourists of Murree via Rawalpindi on cards


RDA Chairman Tariq Mehmood Murtaza in a press conference on Aug 5, said that an alternate route from Rawalpindi to Murree and others will be constructed. Moreover, the planned highway will pass through the four tehsils of Rawalpindi according to news sources.


RDA Budget 2021-22 revealed:


The chairman also stated that a new approval system for Private Housing Societies and Building Plans has been set. through this system, the housing societies will get the approval of layout plan or map in 30 days, approval of change of land in 45 days, and approval of housing schemes in 75 days. He said that over 1,600 maps of multi-storied and residential buildings have been approved this year, which was the highest in the history of RDA.


He also highlighted that RDA has been taking action against unlawful housing schemes. He mentioned that since July 2018, 91 challan and 307 legal notices have been issued to the developers for illegal projects and registered 112 FIRs against them. In addition to this, the RDA has sealed 135 offices of housing schemes during this period.


Further, the chairman talked about the completed RDA projects:


Development of 1.75-km long, two-lane wide Qadeer Khan Road from Missile Chowk to Falcon Complex at a cost of PKR 223.687 million.

The widening and reintegration of 3.45-km long old Airport Road from Flying Club to Kral Chowk at a cost of PKR 443 million.

Conducted feasibility study of Katchri Chowk and Defense Chowk under Annual Development Programme over the cost of PKR 14.550 million.

The chairman also shared the details of the ongoing projects:


Expansion and rehabilitation work from Dry Port Road to Airport Road estimated cost of the project is PKR 443.158 million.

Construction of bridges and pedestrians on old Airport Road estimated cost is PKR 109.934 million.

The estimated cost of the planned ADP schemes:


Land acquisition for Nullah Leh PKR 30,250 million

Miyawaki forests in Rawalpindi to control pollution


For remodeling of Katchri Chowk PKR 3,630 million

remodeling of Defence Chowk PKR 2,220 million for