Best Apartment Building in Islamabad

Finding the best apartment building in Islamabad can be a real tough task. With an ongoing population influx, the real estate industry has witnessed rapid growth over the last few years. Islamabad being the capital of the country and hub for job opportunities attracts the major population. This causes a demand for residential apartments across the city.

An increase in property prices has made it difficult for people to purchase homes. The only solution to this problem is residential apartments. People tend to rent these residential apartments or purchase them with proper installment plans. It lets people live in their area of choice in the twin cities. However, finding the right residential apartment building can be very difficult. 

All the residential projects claim to offer all the basic facilities and amenities that individuals might need for a comfortable life. But these claims prove to be false in most cases. The most common problem faced by the people living in the apartments is parking with the buildings not providing dedicated parking space to their residents. 

Moreover, residential projects fail to provide foolproof security to the residents. Living in a society or apartment building with no security to the families leaves the residential projects with great loopholes. 

Lack of proper facilities and amenities is another most common problem in residential apartments. Water shortage and unavailability of gas causes families a discomfort that they do not want to experience.

Hash Residency: A project of secure future and peaceful living

From many commercial and residential projects under construction in Islamabad, Hash Residency is a project that offers a secure future with a peaceful living environment. For families looking for great investment opportunities and a place to live, Hash Residency offers a great environment to settle with their families. 

Hash Residency is a project under the belt of the Hashi Group of Companies, which is a leading real estate and construction firm in Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

The project is a marvel of modern architectural design, which is designed by a team of professional architects. “Mimaars” is an architectural firm that has a team of architects who work to design the best buildings according to modern standards with all the amenities and facilities kept in check.

Floor Plans, Facilities, and Amenities

The building and its floor plans are officially approved by the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA). Hash Residency offers two floors with commercial activities so that the residents can experience in-house shopping at ease. 

Hash Residency offers 1 and 2-beds apartments, and suites. The building comprises of 7 floors with 5 dedicated floors to the residential apartments. All the important amenities and facilities are part of Hash Residency as the top priority. Along with a dedicated parking space for the residents which provides ease of mind. The parking is made secure by the guards appointed by the project. 

A foolproof security and central control system help to secure the residents. Families have a sense of security while living inside controlled and properly managed residential apartments.

Hash Medical Center

Hash Residency prides itself in taking care of its residents and for that Hash Residency, has built the Hash Medical Center in the building. Spanning over the entire first floor, the medical center provides medical security to the residents. It is a fully equipped, state-of-the-art medical center that addresses the needs of its residents in an emergency. With no compromise on any type of facility, Hash Residency makes the health and security of its residents a top priority.

With qualified doctors, para-medical staff, and a pharmacy, Hash Medical Center makes Hash Residency standout in the other projects. Hash Medical Center is a fully-equipped facility, which the residents can count on during times of need. 

All these facilities make this project an art of modern design with comfort and luxury. 

Hash Residency is the best apartment building in Islamabad with an easier down payment and installment plan. Living in a residential building with all the facilities and amenities at affordable prices and installments plans makes Hash Residency the ultimate choice.  

To invest in Hash Residency, you can visit Hashi GOC at their office or call us directly. Our teams of professional investment advisors and consultants will get back to you immediately and guide you to the investment of a secure home.


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