CDA Completes More Than Half Of The Work On The Bara Kahu Bypass Project

According to the Capital Development Authority, more than half of the construction on the Bara Kahu bypass Project has been finished. The CDA was asked by Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif to finish the project by February 10. According to sources, work was being done around the clock, but it appeared that the megaproject would not be ready by February 10. The project was marred by controversy as QAU faculty members launched a court challenge and secured a two-month delay order.

Proposals for the Bhara Kahu bypass project have been submitted to the federal cabinet for consideration. According to the committee, the project’s completion would ease traffic flow on Murree Road and make it simpler for commuters. The suggestions also recommended that the CDA should keep its pledges to the Quaid-e-Azam University and develop rules and regulations based on the committee’s observations.

The QAU Joint Action Committee has issued an information sheet about the QAU property and the Bara Kahu bypass project. According to the information sheet, the research has far-reaching ramifications for the university. It claims that it undermines the sacredness of the country’s only national university by dividing it into two noncontagious walled sections.

Latest Information

According to the most recent status report, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) declared on December 25th, according to the Dawn News, that more than half of the construction on the Bhara Kahu bypass had been completed. “The Bhara Kahu bypass is currently under construction.

More than half of the work has been finished. “The CDA chairman, retired Capt Mohammad Usman, as well as Member Engineering Syed Munawar Shah and others, paid a visit to the construction site. Rana Tariq, the member of engineering and director, updated the chairman on the project’s status.

Based on sources, the CDA chairman asked the engineering wing to finish the project as quickly as feasible. According to a CDA spokesman, 100 percent of the pile construction had been done, and the municipal agency was now working on pile capping work, while underpasses were also nearing completion.

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