Bahria Greens Rawalpindi

We all know that year 2020 to 2021 has been very crucial and difficult for everyone. The pandemic has affected almost every sector but, has especially affected the real-estate sector in Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi in specific. This has led the real estate industry to restructure, reorder and regrow its marketing plans and strategies fittingly.

Now, 2022 is a fortunate year in the favor of the real-estate sector as the industry to expected to grow ultimately bringing a higher return on investments. Also, the transformation in political affairs also supports the construction sector.

Now let’s talk about the property development giant – Bahria Town and its subproject Bahria Greens Rawalpindi. Being the top location and the first gated community developed for the elites in Islamabad, Bahria Town has initiated Bahria Greens to facilitate its potential clients of every class in society.

Hashi Group of Companies (GoC) is also privileged to work, design, manage and construct on its projects in every niche i.e., Hash Residency is working on the commercial residential theme, where a resident can enjoy a 3-sided Panoramic View in Bahria town Phase 8. Alongside, The Hash Mall is also under construction sited in Bahira Phase 8. Moreover, many diverse private relator companies are undertaking projects in Bahria Greens Rawalpindi.   

Bahria Greens housing project facilitates its clients with all kinds of property development plans offering economical and low-budget housing schemes; the aim of which is, to get a home for every Pakistani.  Bahria Greens is an exclusively new and innovative project of Bahria Town aiming to bestow its clients with a lifestyle residential plot with international standards measures of 5, 10 marla & 1 Kanal Residential Plots.

Hashi GoC created a wave of standard lifestyle residency providing Hash Real-Estate & Builders to secure your way of life with its reliable real-estate consultancy for its clients’ feasible and deluxe lifestyle. Those who plan to invest in home financing can also avail of the services for the construction and consultancy of houses. Bahira Greens comprises an overseas block – especially for the overseas citizens. 

Bahira town’s remarkable project Bahria Green is fully functional and for sale providing its residents with the services of quality Schools, Mosques, Hospitals, the Best infrastructure, reliable and luxurious State of the art lifestyle amenities, maintenance services, and full proof of security. Moreover, it also delivers an underground system of gas, electricity & telephone connections without any interruption.

Hashi Group of Companies’ Hash Real-Estate & Builders is known as the best real-estate consultant in town which provides a database for properties, both commercial & residential through its digital portal.  Giving its clients a lavish lifestyle in affordable prices is the prime goal of the Hashi Group of Companies. 

Hash Mall in Islamabad and Bahria Greens Rawalpindi is the best investment as we promise our clients a secure future and dream lifestyle. For investors and stakeholders; Hashi GoC is the most reliable and reputed name to invest in.

With the utmost development and delivery, Hashi GoC’s Hash Real-Estate & Builders and Mimaars provides affordable and profitable investment plans to investors on commercial grounds. Also, Hashi GoC is a renowned name in the field of consultancy and construction for families looking for investment opportunities. 

 If you are looking for a consultancy or construction plan, visit Hash Real-Estate & Builders and Mimaars or call us directly. We will solve your queries and our team of professional consultants and investment advisors will contact back instantly.



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