About Us

About HASHI Group of Companies

Hashi Group of Companies works in establishing mega projects in the prominent cities of Pakistan.  Hashi Group Of Companies not only upgrades the lifestyle of the people but also creates an amazing opportunity for the investors who have money in their hands & looking for a safe, secure & profitable investment. Hashi Group Of Companies also has a number of child companies to serve the public in multiple ways. The 4 child companies include SHR Marketing 360 for all types of marketing’s, Hash Real Estate & Builders to give property sale & purchase & advisory services, & AASANI  to give all the maintenance services at your doorstep. Hashi Group of Companies, the name is quality.

Our Companies

SHR Marketing 360

SHR Marketing 360 is Brilliant in Terms of Digital Marketing , SHR has Digital Marketing Magicians. 

Our mission is to deliver the WOW factor through measurable results to our clients & to do the magic of marketing to addict the audience.

We create a path to success stories. We adopt strategies where business goes viral.

Hash Real Estate and Builders

Hash real estate and builders is a premium and prominent name in the profession of constructional services. It provides the free approach to customers to develop their own desired house, villa, bungalow, shopping mall and any other kind of residential community.

The grey and finished structure will be exactly as according to the customer needs and there will be no compromise in it and this is the assurity of hash real estate and builders.


Aasani is a mobile application that allows the user to book different services. if you want to know about us join us while sitting at your home. With the primary aim of providing Aasani to the people, our market place of services have all the necessary facilities as well.

As the name suggests. Aasani works towards solving your daily routine problems that can mess your overall routine. Whether you are looking to fix noisy AC. In about us Or any other minor issue is driving you crazy. Our professional team will help you get rid of such fussy problems at your convenience.