5 Common Property and Real Estate Scams in Pakistan

With the rise in the real estate business across the country, fraud schemes and agents are also at work here we will discuss 5 common property and real estate scams in Pakistan. The boom in business has opened opportunities for fraudsters to earn by scamming people in various ways. They use different techniques and tactics to take people in their trust and then rob them of millions. In this blog, the Hashi GOC team will help you understand these scams and save yourself from loss. Following are some of the most common scams or fraud techniques used by people in fake real estate deals:

Fraudulent Agents

The most common problem in the real estate business is the presence of fraudulent agents. These people trace the people with investments and while giving them the trust of higher profits, they get money out of their pockets. They present them the tempered document, files, fake visits to the investment properties, and many more. The real estate business is full of fraud. 

The fraud agents open up property firms that are fake and then pretend to have projects in the field. To overcome these problems, the investors must check the authenticity and ask them for the NIC. Moreover, the presence of other firms in the market can help a lot. You need to consult with the other firms about the authentic presence of a particular agent. This will help you a great deal in recognizing the fake dealers. 

Online firms with proper marketing and presence in the business can also help a great deal. For instance, Hashi GOC with its presence in the real estate firm is giving the best property investment opportunities. With the best sales and investment team, we are guiding our clients and investors to successful investment areas. 

We are providing investment consultancy and advisory for both commercial and residential properties. Moreover, we have two projects under construction. You can invest in these projects with the chances of potential growth.

Scam Listings

With the presence of the internet, most businesses have shifted their focus to online business opportunities. Business websites provide their customers and clients with opportunities to peep into the best investment areas. However, as the market has been flooded with online agents and firms, the chances of fake or scam listings have also increased. 

Fake agents post content or list properties that are fake. With the fake dealing process, they scam clients and, in the end, do not give them any real property. To bypass these fake agents and listings, properties must be checked and verified by the owners in real-time. Moreover, firms with authentic presence can help get out of this situation. 

To have a trusted partner, you can consult with the bigger firms that guarantee the success and authenticity of your investment. Hashi GOC is also ahead of its competitors in this regard. You can consult their teams and get the opportunities to invest in the areas that have the potential for growth and authenticity.

Scam Property Buyers

Sometimes, some fake people pose as potential buyers and visit your properties by showing interest. They keep on hitting you the bull’s eye by presenting bigger offers. However, in reality, they are not the buyers. They get the documents of property from you and do not pay the money. This is one of the most common problems that potential sellers are facing these days.

Fake Documentation

Another major problem in the real estate business is Fake Documentation. Tempered documents serve the purpose of trust gaining. A potential buyer or seller keeps in line with the dealings with all the procedural work. However, in the end, they provide fake property files. It deprives the buyer of its money and investment. The statistics from the past few years show that the scams in the real estate business have caused losses of billions of investments across the country.

Fake firms or construction agents scam people in the name of new residential and commercial projects. By taking the down payments and installments, they provide the investors with fake files and then run away. Therefore, it is a must to check the factors while investing in any project or property. 

Wrong Market Value Of The Properties

In the real estate business, the value of the properties fluctuates continuously. This fluctuation in property value helps the scammers in preparing strategies to take higher profits over the sales. Real estate firms create a fake market value of a property by creating hype or competition among the competitors. It leads to more profits to the firms or sellers and a loss to the buyer. 

To avoid all such scams and property problems, you can take help from some established firms and authentic sources. Hashi GOC is an emerging competitor in the real estate business. With validations and documentation by the government officially. We are presenting exclusive offers to invest in our projects: The Hash Mall and the Hash Residency. Moreover, you can take our experienced advisory guide and invest in the best areas.

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